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ZOONI Leathers has been a family-run business in San Jose, CA for more than 20 years.

A Message From ZOONI Leathers’ Founder

Originally from South America, I owned and operated a fine quality Leather Jacket store, Castor & Polux Ltd. in the Capital city of Bogotá.

In the 1980’s I came to California. From 1988 to 1992 I worked for a Leather Shop in Palo Alto, California. One of my duties was to make alterations and repairs for one of the finest leather suit manufacturers in Japan. This place became the “official shop” in the U.S. authorized and referred to by the owner of the Japanese corporation to perform craftsmanship on his leather suits. I was also sewing custom leather suits and gear for professional motorcycle racers and non-professional motorcycle riders.

In February 1993, I decided to branch out on my own as a motorcycle leather suit manufacturer. I had to find a store that was willing to sell my suits, so I could concentrate on the manufacturing end of the business. I visited numerous stores in San Jose, California. I found a store that imported leather suits, boots and gloves from Europe. The owner was very interested in my experience and ideas. After he saw the quality of my work, I started to design all the patterns and make all custom leather suits for a large quantity of professional motorcycle racers and motorcycle riders all over the United States. The suit had the logo and name of his company on the top of the sleeve, Inside the suit on the lining it stated my information: “Crafted by J.Lindo with top Quality U.S leather.”

In the December 1994 issue of Cycle World Magazine, (Page 42), a two piece leather suit I had manufactured was sent to the magazine for an evaluation being conducted among 13 other leather suit manufacturers, including well-known international brand names. My custom made suit was the ONLY suit rated with 5 stars and chosen to be the:

“Best of the bunch.
An outstanding suit with top-notch features, fit and protection.”

This implicit partnership went continued for the next four and half years, until August 1997. In this period of time I had over four hundred custom made leather suits and hundreds of repairs on all brands of leather suits.

During August of that year, I created “ZOONI Leathers” – fine quality, one-of-a-kind leather suits, custom made in any color and style that meets the needs of each customer.

The suit is designed and expertly crafted in my own tailor shop in San Jose, California. I have a limited overhead that enables me to pass the savings to the customer. In that way, you, as my customer are getting a top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind, top-notch custom made suit at a very reasonable price.

Juan Lindo
Founder of ZOONI Leathers

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