Our Lifetime Guarantee

"Your Structural Seams Will Not Come Apart No Matter How Hard Or How Fast You Crash"

We are proud to be the ONLY manufacturer of motorcycle racing leathers to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the structural seams of all our custom motorcycle racing leathers. This is our promise to every ZOONI customer – “Your Structural Seams Will Not Come Apart No Matter How Hard Or How Fast You Crash.”

Because we have developed proprietary techniques that keep your seams together no matter how fast or how hard you crash, we are confident in our product and proudly stand by our guarantee. After hand-making nearly 1000 custom suits over the last two decades this warranty still stands! 

What’s more, we use CE approved hard plastic armor with additional protective foam inserts placed strategically around your suit. The protection is built-in to the leathers so it holds firmly in place even during high speed crashes. The bottom line – our suit protects better than the big brands, as a side-by-side comparison will demonstrate.

Click the image below to view the structural seams of each of our ZOONI Leathers custom templates. Also, keep in mind our seam warranty applies to all fully custom designs as well!

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us at (408) 313-9638, send an email to info@zoonileathers.com, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Lifetime Guarantee Structural Seams

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